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To give a unique and attractive look to your kitchen or home, you need to consult an interior designer, who understands your imagination and show in its work. We come up in this industry in the year 2015 under the management of Chandan Tikyani, who always comprehend the work of our designers, so they will never get de-motivate. We set an unparalleled standard of attractiveness to perfection.

We give your kitchen or home a modular look, which makes it cozy and comfortable as well. We make sure that our designers successfully filled colors in your imagination and give your room or kitchen a look, which is beyond your expectations. We understand that a good design is not how it looks but the one, which is known for how it works. Our scenario toward the work stands us apart from the crowd.

If you are looking for modular wardrobes for kitchen and bedroom, so, Tanushree Designs is the right destination for you. Our designs will speak for us and you will definitely love them. We make sure to give it a look so that you can comfortably enjoy your cooking experience.

Talented Designers

We understand that teamwork makes the dream work and therefore, our entire team will always work together to learn, do and achieve more. With our team support, we can achieve wonderful things that help to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Quality Work

We let our work speak for us. To know about the quality of our offered work you can check our prospects and even take feedback from our clients. We understand that quality matters and it reflects the standard of our work. Our entire team is always ready to take its responsibility and work hard for it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create modular kitchens for your home that not only increase your reputation among others but also makes you feel energetic and also looks new every day and give you a reason to take a look to it over and over again.

Why Choose Us?

•    We create experiences
•    We do the work
•    Blend of technicality and creativity
•    Talented designers & expert developers
•    We ask, listen and understand
•    We provide competitive pricing

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